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Mega Pak Zimbabwe is a subsidiary of Nampak Zimbabwe. It was founded in 1993 as a joint venture between Delta Corporation Zimbabwe and Nampak South Africa. At inception, the Mega Pak business was geared towards production of beverage crates for use by Delta Beverages who were migrating from wooden crates to plastic ones. Over the years Mega Pak’s business model evolved to supply rigid plastic packaging. Mega Pak Zimbabwe is now a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging products.


We produce a diverse range of rigid plastic products, which include crates, drums, tanks, bottles and closures supplied by our five plants in Ruwa. The company has the following management system Certificates; ISO 14001:2015, FSSC 22000 (Version 4.1) and an IMS Policy which it aligns to its day to day operations. We enjoy research and technical assistance from Nampak South Africa.  

PET Bottles

PET Bottles are used to package products that sell on contact clarity. These include but are not limited to 

Edible oil, Water, cordials,

RTDs,  Alcoholic spirits, 

Sparkling Beverages and Various chemicals. 

Large Injection Moulding

The plant produces products for the following sectors; 

Beverage, Horticulture, Bakery, Industrial, Dairy, Events Management and Hotel and Catering  sectors.


The Preform factory produces a range of preforms serving various sectors. The following are the sizes of preforms;

1881 neck profile         1810 neck profile

16g                                       18g
21g                                       22g

24g                                       38g

26g                                       54g





ROTO Moulding

Roto Moulding factory converts tanks and other agricultural related products.The following products are produced.

5000l Tank
2500l Tank
1000l amongst other sizes.

Blow Moulding

Blow moulding factory produces a wide range of blow moulded products including;

Bottles, Drums, Closures and Lids

Compression Moulding

The Compression moulding factory  produces closures for the beverage sectors, edible oils and chemicals amongst others.